The Good Breakup: Take a Deep Breath and Remember Who You Really Are (Dream Series Book 2)

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do.
Nobody said it would be easy. When your man turns his back on you, your entire world comes crashing down. Nothing has prepared you for the pain and darkness that follow when he walks out the door. What can you do to regain your happiness once he is gone, and is there a way to win him back?

Know the Signs.
Even though breakups seem to come out of the blue, there are always signs, signs that have been seen but ignored. Do you know what to watch out for and avoid “the talk”?

Take a Deep Breath.
Don’t scream, don’t plead, don’t have breakup sex. This book will teach you how to face the monster and come out the other side with your dignity and sanity intact.

Cry Yourself a River, Build a Bridge and Get Over Him.
Now is the time for you to reclaim your identity with a revolutionary Breakup Plan designed to help you through the first 28 days post-breakup. You’ll cry, you’ll take a duvet day, you’ll meet up with friends and start working on the most important person in your life: YOU.

It’s Time to Take Charge.
Alexandra Filia is a savvy businesswoman, amateur adventurer and devoted mother who has travelled the world. She has survived breakups, and so can you. Now she brings her no-nonsense expertise to help busy modern women who are tired of failures, false starts and broken hearts. There are no flowery platitudes here. With Alexandra’s encouragement and straightforward advice, you’ll fight through this difficult time in your life and come back stronger than ever.

What Are You Waiting For?
In this practical guide to handling your breakup, you’ll learn:

The things to NEVER do, if you want your relationship to last.
How to tell if your man wants to break up, whether he’ll admit it or not.
How to take advantage of “the talk” and maintain your dignity like a pro.
Fool-proof steps to improve your emotional, spiritual and physical health day by day.
Why you’ll suddenly feel better after 23 days without him…guaranteed!
Top tips to pique his interest once again (such as reviving your “classic” look).
How to approach the most traumatic of breakups – divorce – and get what you’re owed.
What men REALLY think about before, during and after breaking up with you (in their own words!)
…and much more.
“THE GOOD BREAKUP: Take a Deep Breath and Remember Who the F*** You Really Are” is the second book in Alexandra Filia’s all new Dream series for modern women.

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