HUNTING GODS: the epic world established in 'A Time of Ashes' just got darker and more intense. (Fate and the

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'One of the most interesting and exciting new writers to emerge north of the border since Iain Banks' - Gary Gibson, award-nominated author of Angel Stations and Stealing Light.

'Rudy Rucker on drugs' - BestSF

When all seems lost, do you still turn and fight?

Perfect for fans of George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones, Alastair Reynolds' Terminal World, Greg Bear's Songs of Earth and Power, and books by Iain M. Banks or China Miéville.

The Kingdom of Tys is besieged. As war rages, its neighbouring lands burn. Amidst the chaos, thrust into the role of a warrior, a wounded scholar seeks allies for a mission borne of little more than blind hope. The Corruption, however, has other plans, and its agents may be closer than anyone realizes.

In a mysterious ocean far away, Chet Karspin, Captain Jarosh Harmal and the hard-pressed crew of the bladeship Fat Chance find that they have traded death by fire for more insidious perils. As they struggle to postpone the inevitable, it becomes clear that they and their increasingly battered ship are at the mercy of forces on an unimaginable scale.

Held in the seemingly impregnable Castle of the Four Winds, ocean-dwelling sisters Sheehan and Seeli begin to appreciate that a dungeon offers a fate kinder than some of the alternatives. Yet even in the depths of despair Sheehan will find herself called upon to make decisions affecting the fates of worlds.

Part Two of the epic Fate and the Wheel series, Hunting Gods is part action thriller, part journey of existential discovery: a science fiction- and steampunk-tinged fantastic tale of loss, revenge, redemption, companionship, and endurance in the face of horrific adversity - a worthy sequel to the thrills and emotional charge of A Time of Ashes.

'The hush from the others grew expectant. Ahead, along the derelict tunnel of trunks and boughs, through a chaos of lianas and vines, he could just make out the feet of one of the statues of the cave.
Only a sprint away. He tightened his grip on his halberd’s wooden shaft. Coll was right. He couldn’t say why, but everything felt very wrong. "Where are they?" Tankentaer’s voice. "Ah gods, I cannot stand this. This is a trap, can’t you feel it?"'

'Sheehan saw his fingers close on the handle of one of his knives. The lantern was aimed straight at his head. He raised an arm to bat it away, drawing the knife. She saw the look in his eyes as he realised his mistake. His wrist smashed the glass. For a terrible, drawn-out moment the wick’s flame seemed to die...'

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