Orbs of Azure (NecroSeam Chronicles Book 2)

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Exciting new sequel to Willow of Ashes! A dark force is threatening the world of Nirus. Prophecy says only the ShadowBlood can stop it. But who is this legendary hero, and will he be found in time?

When the false King of Everland declares war on the Reapers, Knights of the Death Realm are forced to fight against living souls in a double-war with both undead necrofera demons and Everland armies. Caught in the middle are twin necromancers with an unusual condition...they share one body.

Xavier longs to be normal again, especially since he is now reunited with his fiance, Willow. When new information emerges about the possible location of his missing body, Xavier is thrilled. Now he just has to figure out how to put his soul back. And the Dream realm relic, the Orbs of Azure, may be the key.

But their quest takes a detour when their comrades are taken captive. The twins, now fully knighted reapers, join the Death princess on a dangerous rescue mission to free their friends from an impenetrable fortress, and discover unique magic abilities never seen before in the history of Nirus. During the treacherous journey, the reapers run into unexpected royal allies of different realms, all of whom are searching for the "ShadowBlood," someone who looks just like the twins... if they had been born as one.

A unique and original story of brotherhood, mystery, and unexplored experiences, the NecroSeam Chronicles takes readers on a thrilling adventure they won't soon forget!

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