Productive Stoner: Your practical guide to getting shit done

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What If Being Stoned Could Help You Make Your Life Better, Simpler, Happier And More Successful? You’re probably wondering how being stoned could ever help you accomplish anything but get you high. Well, this is where this book for Stoners comes in the picture! Stoney Steve has compiled research from over 12 years to come up with this practical guide for Cannathusiasts to help them utilize the power of their high, to give them the extra push they need to get ahead, and make positives changes in their life.

Written by Stoney Steve, the man who has already helped countless Stoners around the world maximize their potential, this book can do the same for you! This cannabis self-development book uses evidence-based insights along with years of research and experience-based practical knowledge for you to become a truly Productive Stoner, and making this a must read for every real Cannathusiast.
Succeeding Has Never Felt So Good!With over 100 pages of advice, techniques, and knowledge, this self-help book will help you take your high and your life to a whole new level in the best possible way. Whether you want to finally stop procrastinating, overcome your fears or simply get yourself motivated to chase after your dreams, this guide will help you change your life for the better.
You Get The Best of Both WorldsThe Productive Stoner doesn’t make you choose between enjoying cannabis or being productive – it offers you the best of both! This book will help you: Keep you happy, stoned and ready for pretty much anything life can throw at you Unlock your true potential and help you understand yourself a bit better Overcome anxiety and stop doubting every little thing you doThink about situations more calmly to make smart decisions Harness the power of your high and make it more practical Stop procrastinating and start taking action to change your life for the betterAnd So Much More While You Stay Happy & Have Fun!
Stoney Steve’s years of research and pragmatic approach has already helped countless Stoners around the world to change their lives for better. So, Stop Waiting and Start Reading To Become A Productive Stoner That Gets Things Done!

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