The Black Book: Surviving Bullying and Self Harm

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Five years ago, Clinton A. Love published The Bullying Handbook. which provided solutions not only for dealing with bullies and other abusive people, but included a step by step guide for bully-proofing your life. The Black Book is the evolution of that book. After five years of speaking to victims of bullying and even working one on one with a former victim of bullying in a case study of human interaction that lasted nearly a year and a half, the book has been improved, Including, not just the original text of The Bullying Handbook, but more information for people who are in an immediate crisis situation with a bully. The Black Book also addresses Self-Harm, a problem which has become more pervasive, but for which conventional avenues provide very few solutions. the Black Book provides, not only information for both parents and the victims of Self-Harm, but provides actual solutions to the problem based on a deep understanding of the subject. There are two dedicated chapters, one for parents and one for young people which outline a strategy to open up communication and get the solutions under way so that it can be stopped before it is too late. If you find yourself being bullied and taken advantage of, or if you are concerned for someone else who is, YOU NEED THIS BOOK. If you or your child is intentionally harming themselves, YOU NEED THIS BOOK.

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