The Legend Of Montavia: Volume 1

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When three well known explorers led by the headstrong, Merrick O'Brian embark on their final expedition together; they hire an American columnist by the name of Elizabeth Sparks, to dictate their remarkable findings. Before seeting out on their journey to Mount Elbrus, the team encounter unforeseen circumstances, pushing their original plan off track. Regrouped and ready to go, the team sets out for the chance of a lifetime, only to have fate deal them a hand that no one was expecting. Half way through their journey the team find themselves in a whole new world. Merrick is quick to make claims on this new discovery, but is proclamation is in vain when they are captured by the Montavians. Peculiar and beautiful looking people with long silky hair and pointed ears. They are lead to their leader Lord Krea, who tries to protect them from the unyielding villian, Lord Zellore, who wants to take over the world. Fighting to survive, they find themselves intertwined in a battle for freedom, making unlikely friendships, love, and enduring betrayal. In the end, what cost do you pay to prevail?

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