I'm Never Drinking Again: Maybe It's Time To Think About Your Drinking?

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We’ve all declared, “I’m never drinking again,” while our heads pound and our stomachs churn from last night’s good time. The guilt of mistakes, harsh words, lost time, etc. eats at your gut, but a day or two later you’re back at it.
You worry that drinking may be affecting your health, finances, relationships, and/or career, but you feel like AA is not for you. You don’t want to be labeled an alcoholic for being a social drinker; it’s not that bad. If this is you, then check out Trish Taylor’s latest book, I’m Never Drinking Again: Maybe It’s Time to Think about Your Drinking.
Trish grew up in Britain where you’re basically born with a drink in your hand. She happily drank for decades without question. Just like the rest of us, she justified and avoided her habit. It wasn’t a serious problem, and she knew she didn’t belong in a 12-step program. However, when she got real with her drinking, she discovered ways to quit without a formal program. In her book, she shares her methods to help others do the same.
We all know that drinking is bad for us, but it’s easy to forget once the hangover subsides. Although we have this in common, the solution does not come in one size fits all. Trish combines humor, stories, and resources to help you explore your relationship with alcohol and discover alternative ways to make positive changes that fit you.

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