Leona's Descent: Zodiac Assassins Book 1.5

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Thirteen Zodiac Assassins

Forged in the Darkness of the InBetween
Ruled by the Shadow Side of Their Stars
The Only Hope for the Light of Humanity

What Would You Sacrifice To Rewrite A Moment In Time?

Their Rise, Her Fall

After the release of a demon army into the human world, magical power is the only currency that counts, hope is the only thing worth fighting for. Newly created Zodiac Leona is hungry to learn the dark arts from the Master, a sorcerer so dangerous that he’s locked in a cage beneath Hell. The chasm created in the subterranean InBetween for the rise of a demon army, becomes the express route for her fall.

Out of Hope

The direct passage to Hell blocked after Leona crash-lands into Hades, the Zodiac warrior must rely on three forsaken goddesses to survive the shifting realms, evade a god gone mad, and outrun the damage her corrupted soul is doing to their world. As she journeys to the closest portal to Hell, nothing is as it seems, agendas are thick with secrets, and betrayal has become the norm.

What price a soul

Only two souls can release the Master. Hope is close, but Leona must choose: ask the Key and the Lock to sacrifice their souls to open the Master’s cage, making her no better than the mad god she has vowed to destroy, or risk the torture of being trapped in the world of the damned, her own soul forever lost.

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