Salespreneurship: Sales+entrepreneurship: How to Succeed as a Zero-Base Startup

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Let's start our business safely with Salespreneurship!
This book Salespreneurship” breaks down the old frame of sales and gain new ways to walk the path of successful and happy entrepreneurs. Planning, personnel management, marketing and finance are important in growing the business, but sales cannot be excluded. But Sales is not appreciated and is even considered a terrifying job. So how can we learn sales and overcome fears?

The author, Taesoon Shin, who had a terrible phobia of sales, realized that fear of sales should be approached as a psychological issue and this sales phobia should be addressed at a subconscious level, tried to overcome it by any means and by introducing a new sales approach. They will be able to learn about the entrepreneurs' know-how and business models that will survive through
Sales is First!!
Now he began to advocate salespreneurship, a combination of "sales" and "entrepreneurship."  Salespreneurship is the entrepreneurial spirit that puts sales first. If you want to start a business that is innovative, challenging and has a good impact, you have to start selling or sales. In the beginning stage of startups, entrepreneurs must be broken, bumped up, and then grow with sales before they can scale up their business safely and innovatively.
The business model new to the world.The ability to execute a project fiercely.The elicitation of brilliant ideas.The sales skills with sophisticated attitudes and language.
These concepts direct this entrepreneurial spirit and you will meet more fascinating know-how to start your new business with No Money!

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