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This is a heartbreaking and tragic story. The story begins with a girl Jamila, eldest of four siblings from a poverty ridden family lives at a tiny village of Assam. Jamila marries the man of her dream Shamsul but she doesn’t know that Shamsul is a bride trafficker and she has fallen into his nasty trap. He succeeds in his notorious plan to dupe her family members with the help of Zakir, her cousin brother and takes her away to Delhi.
Jamila’s beautiful life is ruined and becomes extremely miserable since she falls into the dubious trap of bride trafficker Shamsul, since then her body becomes a source of gratification of different men. Before finalizing a big deal with a trafficker Mr. Kapoor, she is exploited by Shamsul for many months. In Kapoor’s vicious custody she is compelled to face horrible experiences.
Madhury is new incarnation of Jamila. Mr. Kapoor renames Jamila as Madhury according strategy, trains in Hindu rituals and cuisines and sells her as a fresh bride to a forty year old rich farmer Rajesh in a handsome amount of money.
Slavery life begins, followed by endless miseries in Madhury’s life. Rajesh, an abusive husband and obsessed with abnormal desires makes her slave and his jealous mother compels her to carry out all the household works and works of fields and beat in denial. After birth of her daughter she thinks happy days will come in her life but that proves wrong rather after birth of daughter her miseries were more. Born as a girl in Rajesh family is not sign of happiness, being a girl means curse.
Madhury is a Paro, a salable object of the market and in the mean time several men try to take the advantage of her paro identity and seduce her.
Extremely wretched and grief stricken, Madhury wants to end her life but love for life prohibits her and tries to compromise with circumstance. After birth of a son in Rajesh family brings profound joy but their treatment towards Madhury was same as before, for them she was a slave, only to be used. Rajesh gradually loses her interest on Madhury and makes sordid conspiracy along with mother and sells her to three brothers Omprakash, Chandraprakash and Joyprakash and she becomes personal belongings of three brothers. She endures their violent desires and tyrannies; sometimes they use her as bait to encroach land from others. As the days pass she becomes mother again of a son after undergoing many forceful abortions. As the son grows up he proves fathers’ son tyrant and arrogant like fathers.
After sudden untoward death of younger brothers Chandraprakash and Joyprakash, the eldest brother Omprakash thinks Madhury is inauspicious and blames her for death of two younger brothers. Omprakash becomes a drunkard and idle person. He lives in penury and borrows money from a money lender and when he is unable to repay loan then he sells her to a money lender for insolvency.
Humiliation continues in the custody of the money lender, not only by the money lender but also by relatives and guests. Everyone taunts her Paro and she has to bear the stain as she deserves it and born for all sufferings and miseries and for all she blames her fate and sheds tears silently.
Madhury is wretched and morbid and her frequent illness is a prime cause of fear, that compels the money lender to sell her to a widower Rampal and she becomes Caretaker for his two young sons and home and also prime source of physical gratification of him and his seducer cousin brother Dharampal. Rampal’s sister Kamala also abuses her in every moment and uses her in her personal purposes. When Rampal marries a woman Juhi socially from his own caste then Rampal throws Madhury out of home.
After some years in the custody of Rampal then one day with the help of a broker Niraj Rampal sells her to a tall young man Ravi, works in the brick kiln. Ravi proves himself as a responsible and affectionate husband but later the influence of easy money he looks for a new customer to sell her again.

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