The Rise of the Eiglexx (The Battle of Eiglexx Book 2)

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Winner of the Honorable Mention Award by the Los Angeles Book Festival contest for Best Sci-Fi

“One of the most vivid illustrations of post-apocalypse I’ve ever read.”

“A great dystopian Earth and how one woman loses all hope as everything bad happens around her.”

Captured during the Battle of Missoula, and the Ceremony of the Bond now complete, Ericka Martin must rely on her physical capabilities if she wants to live long enough to return to her ever-growing, rag-tag army of human survivors.

The Babisianx are moving forward in their goal of complete domination.

Humans aren’t allowing the lack of electricity, running gas or water stop them from fighting back. Earth is theirs, and they’re doing all they can to get her back, only to discover the Babisianx hadn’t come to Earth alone. They brought other alien species with them, and some of these species want nothing more than to sink their teeth into human flesh.

But humans have something that King Sammo has ignored, and that’s a strong will to survive and the strength to never give up. Known as the Spirit of Eiglexx, it rises as human survivors get primitive in their defenses against the aliens.

Ericka soon discovers that living amongst the enemy has it rewards. Her genetic alterations allows her to run faster and hit harder. Most importantly, she discovers that America has a secret, and that secret can blow the aliens out of our world. Now all she has to do is somehow get that secret back to her army, and the key to making this happen may be in the one person she least expect.

Prince Hamut is the most powerful of the Babisianx, and the same person she’s been given to as a mate. Will he help her achieve her goal or is his bond with the King of Babis stronger than anyone suspects?

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