Dangerous Liaisons: Volume 1 (Royal Command)

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Lizzie, daughter of a wealthy Scottish laird, inherits Margaret Tudor’s secret diary. A decoded message reads “I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may”. Lizzie falls in love with Michael, a poor aspiring actor whom she helps become a superstar. Lizzie passes the diary to their daughter, Lisette, who is influenced by Queen Margaret’s manipulative, vengeful, granddaughter, sparking dangerous passions and betrayals. Can Lizzie outwit the paparazzi or will the scandal of adultery and incest end in tragedy for them all?

Amazon reviewers have compared Sarah Stuart's writing to that of Nicholas Sparks, Jackie Collins and Jacqueline Susann. Faridah Nassozi a Readers’ Favorite reviewer, described Dangerous Liaisons as a captivating novel depicting a family story that spans centuries, with each part of the story rich in detail, drama and intrigue. She went on to say; it is really impressive how the story navigates through hundreds of years ago to the present and back again without either part taking the focus away from the other. The two angles instead complement each other perfectly to bring to life a gripping and most intricate family drama. Love at first sight, fame, betrayal, forbidden passion and everything in between, this story has it all, and Sarah Stuart blended it flawlessly to produce a well-detailed and compelling read.

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