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When the government of their country hates their ideas enough to kill them, how will they survive?
Anna suffered the loss of her family due to persecution in Germany, and moved to Amsterdam, unaware that this Dutch city is a hornet’s nest of Anabaptist heretics. She has stepped right into it, plunging ever deeper into the very trouble she sought to avoid.  In 1531, fourteen years after Martin Luther penned his famous 95 theses, Europe is still seething and in turmoil. The powerful state attacks anyone who won't submit to their decrees, but even they cannot stop the storm from raging. Not when the nation is waging war against them for corruption and suppression.More despised even than the warring Protestants are the Anabaptists, who somehow seem threatening to the ruling powers. The state-church can’t tolerate these people, who claim God reveals His truth to them, and they intend to obey Him before men. They also refuse to swear the oath or bear arms, further infuriating the authorities.But worst of all, and what brings persecution crashing down upon the Anabaptists’ heads, is their refusal to baptize their infants. When Anna finds out her friends, Maeyken and Adriaen, have secretly joined this cult, she is unwillingly swept along with them in the upheaval. She knows she must either report her friends and their new baby or risk execution herself.Why do the Anabaptists cling to their faith, even unto death? Will she ever understand them, or will she keep running to avoid finding the answer?A perfect read for anyone who loves a suspenseful and fast-paced story, with the added bonus of learning about little known, but intriguing facts of history.

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