The Pet Healer Project: Stories of the Healing Bond Between Humans and Animals

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The Pet Healer Project is a collection of profiles of internationally known animal healers. From energy healing (Reiki) to small, subtle manipulations and movements (Feldenkrais), these healers work on all animals from alligators to zebras, motivated by one deeply held belief, that life--all life--is precious, that our pets are our families, and that healing is always, always possible. For fifteen years, Sandy has written several books on healers of people; it was only after Charley, her Brussels Griffon, was attacked by a coyote and had to undergo multiple surgeries, that Sandy, fearing Charley would suffer lasting after-effects, began to look into the possibility of healers for animals. To her surprise, not only did they exist, they were extraordinary people: some with degrees in science and medicine, some teachers and best-selling authors. You will meet a former architectural engineer who put her talents to the structure of animals; another who invented the Healing Touch for AnimalsTM and has taught over 8,000 students from around the world; and a South African interspecies communicator with a message about ways to restore a deep relationship with all life. Sandy reached across the pond to the English countryside to world famous healers, one the founder of a sanctuary for former show and racing horses, another who has published books and teaches courses in animal healing.Fourteen healers in all, each of whom fights for the lives of animals not only out of a sense of duty, but because love and compassion of animals inspire in each of us a profound sense of humanity. The Pet Healer Project is a collection of their amazing and often miraculous stories.

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