Citizens Not Slaves : Poetry Of The 99%: Volume 3

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The Global 1% Elite have been around for eons. In the future; they will still put themselves and their cronies first, by holding onto power by any means possible. Nothing will change unless we, the ordinary people, the 99%, make it happen. We can put pressure on the system simultaneously from the outside and the inside; until it buckles under that pressure for positive change, for the benefit and empowerment of all. Will you be a Citizen or a Slave? Will you join in the concept of ‘global unity’ against the 1% Elite? Standing together, we can change this planet for the better and you can be part of that change. Everyone has their role to play, large or small. It's all in our hands; the united hands of the global 99%. Here are a few poems that will hopefully inspire you… Seán Gearárd McCloskey Contents : 01. WE ARE SISTERS & WE ARE BROTHERS 02. THE OUTSIDERS 03. SCOTIA OWNS ME 04. GOODBYE HALCYON DAYS 05. 1936 06. BREXIT, LEG-IT, MAKE A SHARP EXIT 07. SCOTIA 2016 08. THE MEN IN SUITS 09. F*CK ‘EM 10. A TWAT’S TWAT 11. FOR WHAT DIED THE SONS OF SCOTIA? 12. GOD BLESS WOMAN 13. TELL ME WHY YOU TOOK THE SOUP? 14. GOODBYE BRITANNIA 15. NOWHERE STREET 16. THE LAST KING OF CAMELOT

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