Legacy of Dolyn: Volume 1

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The Unparalleled Sorcery of a Sorceress Begins!
Imagine living your daily life when all of a sudden you develop powers, and a cute mascot comes to mentor you.

That is the experience Glen goes through in this series debut. Glen receives training by the feline, Gwen, to become the world's best sorceress.

Glen wasn't keen at first, but she gets used to her training (and her role as a sorceress) over time.

Her adventures occupy a time where science takes preference over magic. However, sorcery has not gone away. Witchcraft continues to exist. Glen's experiences take place in real time.

As Glen copes with her newfound magic, she tries to continue living while learning a deep secret or two. Maybe three, or perhaps more.

What is this secret? Why more than one? These are the big questions to be answered. There's more to the young sorceress than meets the eye.

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