ILONA - Wolf Queen: The Civilis Saga - Part 2

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Two warnings to return home, drive Artorius Civilis northward. Torn between duty and family he must resolve the Legate-less 2nd Augusta before he can return to Rome. Lost in a snowstorm it leads him to a chance meeting and an unknown prophesy he must fulfil.
The purge of Sejanus’ supporters continues and with only the Civilis family left to identify him, Victus Claudian must eradicate them all. An informant, an ambush, a final meeting in a snowy forest, Artorius is the first step, but in Genua, Naomi hides a growing secret.
Abandoned with only his spatha, Artorius faces a life or death scenario as wolves smell his blood. A two-legged wolf becomes his saviour, changing his life forever.
Marcus and Tia’s love flourishes as they raise the family estate from slaves to a village. With the New Year, the annual plague crawls like a snake from the poisonous Tiberis exacting death on all it touches.
Out of duty and honour, Artorius’ friends seek the truth of his final days. A last resort leads to a small hut where a seer and her daughter, the Wolf Queen, live, therein lay the answers and many new questions. Power and greed will lead one to betray Artorius’ family, but another will offer her life in that betrayal, to win what she seeks.
Two sons, born of two families, from two worlds on a collision course, where survival is paramount. Lainth the Etruscan goddess of death picks her subjects.

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