Mabby the Squirrel's Guide to Flying

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There are only a few books representing Aspergers in children, especially stories that illustrate Asperger's symptoms. Mabby The Squirrel's Guide to Flying is an inspiring and encouraging story about high functioning autism in the metaphor of a city of flying squirrels, for the high functioning autistic child and parent, by an aspie who found a way. Because it's about time.

On 16 Tadwick Way, Tankery Bough, in the treetop realm of Hesperia, there lived a little squirrel pup named Mabby, living alone with his father. He was having some trouble learning how to be a flying squirrel. But it seems his wings were a little different.

His friends vowed in secrecy to find out about the strange happenings in Hesperia. Syriss the Secret Keeper, was the rather annoying “leader.” Nevertheless, it turns out, someone is going around killing squirrels.

How could a little handful of misfit squirrel pups do anything about the dark shadows? And further, how can Mabby succeed in his pursuit of major airtime and general awesomeness, with such awful and annoying distractions, like conspiracy and murder?


School sucks. It sucks for squirrels, too.

Join Mabby, Dorma, Tufa, Deela, Syriss and Bo on the appropriately awkward journey of learning how to use their wings, in,

“Mabby the Squirrel’s Guide to Flying!”

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