For all is Vanity

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Jack Laurence is an ordinary man with a good job and a family he loves…Until he isn’t.
Left with only a diary to share his innermost thoughts, Jack gradually loses touch with a reality he feels has abandoned him. He surrenders to a new life of drink, drugs and murderous revenge with nihilistic humour, but he finds himself overwhelmed by his minds companions. These demons and guides fight for control, each with their own agenda, yet somehow linked to a mysterious young girl whose fate seems intertwined with Jack's own.
Switching between diary and novel, ‘For all is Vanity’ is a story of a man teetering on the edge of madness.

"A profound and Profoundly disturbing book...not the kind of writing you would ever get from mainstream publishing...far too ‘dangerous’ and for me, a very good reason why we should support ‘indie’ publishing." - Cally Philips '50 years a reader', 'McRenegades'

"Cowan joins the ranks of a new breed of British novelists, telling their stories the way they want them told." - Mark Wilson, author of the 'dEadinburgh'
and 'Lanarkshire Strays' series.

"I have this thing about Scottish authors. There's a stack of really high quality writers putting out high grade work... And now in this list is Robert Cowan" - Keith Nixon, author of 'The Fix' and 'I'm dead again'.

"The sort of dark humour Scottish writers excel at ... think Christopher Brookmyre"- Colin Wakeford, Musician

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