Last Straw

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If you cheat a man out of his future, be prepared to pay the price. Vengeance is not only the province of the Lord. Last Straw tells the story of such a man; tough, resourceful Thomas Pickering, robbed of his future by unscrupulous financiers and betrayed by an unfaithful wife, who finally snaps. He makes it his mission to punish those who wronged him in very creative and ugly ways. He finds he is quite good at dispensing his brand of justice, and begins to enjoy the game. Mike Kingman and Tess Brogan, two young police officers, themselves embroiled in an escalating affair and each hiding a secret of their own, are assigned to investigate his crimes and discover enough evidence to arrest and convict him. In the human chess game they are playing, Pickering has the advantage. They have rules to follow; he does not! From the Berkeley hills to the Ghost Fleet of ships lying at anchor in Suisun Bay, to the towering Campanile in the center of the University of California campus, Pickering leaves behind a trail of mayhem and murder, but no evidence. He is always one step ahead of his pursuers, in a race that tests his considerable intellect and skill, and challenges the resourcefulness and the relationship of the two young officers

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