Destination Enlightenment with In-Depth Coverage: of synchronicity, kundalini, Shakti, enlightenment, meditati

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Destination Enlightenment with In-Depth Coverage goes well beyond where similar books venture, including Synchronicity, Kundalini, Shakti, Enlightenment, Meditation, Third-eye, Chakras, Awakenings, Persistence, Spiritual, Prana, Pranayama and much more, with plenty of real world explanations and how-to guidance to avoid the potential pitfalls.

Shakti is the fuel that powers your awakenings and spiritual growth. Your subtle body is loaded with Shakti in various forms which are burned as energy. You’re Kundalini and Chakras ignite it like an engine. All of which is covered extensively.

Here are some of the cultural terms including Hindu Shakti, Prana, Apana and Yyana, Chinese Chi (Qi), Polynesian Mana, Vietnamese Khi, Korean Gi, Japanese Ki, subtle energy and woo energy, Hebrew koach-ha-guf, Greek Bios, English Aether, Cosmic Energy, Kundalini Energy, Natural Energy, and Material Energy, American Indians Orenda, Ancient Germans Od, and Scientifically known as Dark Matter, most of which are believed to be a part of any living thing, translating to breath, air, gas, or life force that permeates the universe.

Some awakenings are gradual with signs, others are dramatic and spontaneous, but many forms of awakenings are achievable by anybody, harnessing a wide range of techniques and traditions, ultimately ascending to enlightenment.

For example, a synchronicity awakening will greatly heighten intuition. More than that, your autopilot with guide you to your hearts desires in ways that are absolutely mind boggling…

This state is often achieved when you raise your kundalini and activate your sacral chakra, your passion and pleasure center.

It has a lot to do with coincidences, attraction, arousal and what really turns you on. This can be anything from looks, appearance, humor, personality, fragrance, and vibes. However, in a duality sense, it’s really more so about vibes, energy, and synchronicity, along with pursuit of desires in general.

Before my awakening, I thought all that was really new in the way of sex and 21st century was internet dating, smartphones, more open communication with texting, and arranged hookups.

Now, to meet that special someone, I wouldn’t trade synchronicity for all of the best and most advanced technologies on the market, although I’m sure synchronicity would work through these technologies too.

Once your kundalini is active, there is no rush to raise it to other chakras; take your time to explore each awakening and gain some experience before moving on.

Enlightenment is only persistent for the very few who are prepared for it. Those who are unprepared often need to ride the waves and may find they need to get back to basics, which is a lot easier with the right guide.

Even those already in the know will greatly increase their understanding for an approach that works; however, this book is also well suited for those who just want to learn what’s involved, how to proceed and what to expect.

In any case, it’s always good to learn as much as you can, beyond the basics, to help ensure smooth sailings, make sure you do it right, and to help make sure it all “persists”, which is perhaps the biggest challenge of all. Expect to gain so much clarity after reading this book, along with a helpful reference you can revisit anytime.

Gaining an in-depth understanding is a great place to start, but just knowing what to expect is huge. Adopting the best methods and traditions that actually work is a real confidence builder too. It’s good to have a guide that actually helps and clears up a lot of the misconceptions floating around.

Get this book today and enjoy the journey!

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