A HOUSE of PRAYER: (Not a Hospital)

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In many local churches it is often said the church is a hospital. A place for the sick. Does that mean no one ever gets well ?

A hospital has its place in society, and has become a modern-day necessity. Hospitals are in business to make money by treating the body, but not the soul. It is a booming business for the medical profession, making billions of dollars.

The Lord did not come to build hospitals. He came to restore us back to the Father, and for us to have an abundant life in every way. The Church is not merely a hospital or a halfway house to check in and out for weekend visits.

Jesus Christ established HIS Church, and proclaimed His House is to be A House of Prayer. Come and go with DeBorrah K. Ogans to our Father's House in this new book, as she provides insight and encouragement,reminding us that our place of worship is to be "A HOUSE of PRAYER".

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