Out of the Storm: Out of the Storm

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Carla Sanchez lives in a villa in rural Spain with her police officer husband and their small daughter Graciela. On the surface, they appear a normal family, but his way of taking care of his family is to control their every move. For years now he has been becoming increasingly violent and Carla doesn’t know if she can conceal the situation much longer. People in the town are starting to talk and her life is at risk. Carla finally faces the fact that she must leave Sebastian for her daughter’s sake as well as her own. But her choices are bleak. Then a stranger offers her a lifeline. Demo is her only hope, but she’s just met him. Can she trust him? Carla disappears and Sebastian calls in his police colleagues for help. They start a search but soon realise that they are looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found. The investigation into her disappearance exposes Sebastian and soon the police start to look more closely at his activities and find out that his much admired, if unorthodox, policing methods are corrupt. The truth about the domestic violence is finally unveiled, but the whole town refuses to expose Sebastian. Sebastian tries to hunt down Carla. His worry has turned into anger and his reasons for finding her now are fuelled by revenge. Once again Carla is in danger.

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