How to Choose a Writing Coach - A Beginner's Guide: Ensuring your best chance for publishing success

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Are you overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start?
Perhaps you haven’t even written a word and need help converting your life's vision into text?Is a lack of motivation and accountability holding you back?Perhaps you have written the content but don’t know what to do next?Maybe you have already self-published something that isn’t selling?A successful writing Coach can help you to succeed in your publishing career!

Your next hurdle is where to find the right coach that meets your needs.

This book lays out a full process, providing exercises and information encompassing:Identifying what you want from a writing coach.Determining what time and money you can commit to a coach.Matching your learning styles with a potential coach.Leading you by the hand throughout the research process.Culminating in you actually employing a coach.This is A book full of actions and exercises, not just passive reading!

Still unsure if you need a coach?

A 2014 survey of over 9000 current and aspiring authors produced the following results:Of the 9000 respondents approximately 58% had actually completed a manuscript. 6000 of the 9000 respondents were only "aspiring" authors and of them only 36.7% had completed a manuscript.Only 23% of all the survey respondents (who had completed their manuscript) had actually published their first book.If we look at those figures we can see that with a roughly 60% chance of getting to the stage of completing a manuscript you then have less than a one in four chance of continuing and  publishing it.

Although there may be various reasons why other writers don’t publish their books, surely you want to have the best chance to beat those odds?
Read this book to determine if you want a writing coach, how a coach can help you and how to find one that suits your needs.

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