Summerbird Rises (An Act of Entreaty Book 1)

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Summerbird Asii is a truly inept seer; she’d be the first to admit it. Being inadequate is what has kept her alive and unnoticed her entire life. She knows she was born in Emythor, a magic place created by a mysterious entity. Somehow, she has grown up in a mundane, non-magical land, quietly different, until she is presented with a “crystal ball.” Its first directions are to use it to earn a living and ignore whatever she sees in it. Left in a land where being a magical creature could get a person arrested—even magic as ineffective as hers—she obeys as well as she can. But Summerbird cannot forget her ties to the magic world. The only thing that her longing and wishing brings is a tiny griffin on a mission.
A griffin! In her home! Oh, goddess, can things get any worse? Of course, they can…
Miffin Griffin is an extraordinary magical creature with a problem. The magical world of Emythor, created by an omnipotent and immortal entity called Treaty, is in grave danger. Miffin needs Summerbird Asii's help, once he has convinced her to return to Emythor. The problems are many, so he decides not to tell her much of anything—that there are evil goings-on around Emythor and life there is teetering on the edge of disaster—and Treaty is being pursued by an evil mage—Svar Blackstaff. Oh, and no one can find the entity. Convinced Summerbird has dormant magic deep within her, Miffin’s plan is perfect: teach her the lines of her magic, and she can locate the missing entity.
Since he made Emythor, Treaty has protected the Fey—the magical folk—from the non-magical humans and kept Emythor veiled from all but the Fey. The humankind have forgotten Emythor ever existed—but they are being reminded…
Blackstaff makes it clear that he will have treaty’s magic, whether or not Summerbird is in his way. She’s suspicious. What has she done to warrant this? Sensing Miffin neglected to share vital information with her, she wants answers, but Miffin disappears.
Summerbird must carry on with Miffin’s orders, for he was right about her hidden abilities. But while learning to use her magic, Summerbird meets a man who steals her heart and warns her—they aren’t teaching you all that you will need to survive. When they reluctantly part, another person goes missing—
Those who remain around Summerbird Asii are gradually realizing the truth—somewhere deep within her is a wellspring of pure, elemental magic, just waiting to be unlocked. The trouble is finding the key before someone else finds it first.
With her friends disappearing faster than she can track, Summerbird prepares for a quest that might kill her and those about whom she cares. Her undertaking—find Treaty and spirit him away from the evil enemy that hunts them both—is a dangerous one.
But who can she trust—the mysterious man who haunts her dreams? The Fey who may or may not be teaching her what she needs to survive Emythor? Or can it be that there is no one? And more importantly, who is her enemy—the evil mage who makes her feel things he shouldn’t? Those who seem to know more about her past than anyone should? Or perhaps those who appear to be helping her and really aren’t…
Summerbird Rises is a tale of learning to trust when portents would lead her the opposite way. Of a young woman opening herself up to friendships the first time in her life, and learning to trust herself and her judgment. But it is also the beginnings of a grand adventure, where those friends—who might not be who they say they are—come together and prepare for a dangerous quest that will either save their world or enable an ancient evil to destroy it.

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