Dragon Rings (The Ring-Witches of Nesht Book 1)

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Mayra. A powerful Witch who rides with a spirited clan of reevers—the king’s enforcers—she believes she has reached the pinnacle of her profession. She is a striking woman, has wealth and power—both magical and political—and she wears black wrist rings that tell all that she is not simply a Witch. She is a Ring-Witch, with a level of magic only those of her kind can match. Living in a lawful, well-controlled kingdom puts a damper on her love of adventure—but lately, there’s not even an occasional miscreant to track down. How can there be nothing left to engage with out there? If she doesn’t find something to distract her, she’s going to end up as an instructor at the Sorcery Guild. After all, the minds and magic of other young female Witches could use her cynical and austere outlook on working with men. But a new assignment literally falls into the lap of the reevers, and within days, her boredom has been alleviated in ways she never dreamed. She starts hearing voices, having strange and terrifying sensations thrust upon her and suffering through visions of humans burning to death and terrible destruction brought down upon villages. Revelations that, all too quickly, become a reality—and make her long for the tame and the monotonous.
Wolfe. An enigmatic and scheming man who is just captivating enough to catch the eye of a young Witch, it doesn’t take him long to figure out that Mayra is one female he will be hard-pressed to deceive. Trying to keep one step ahead of her is interfering with his agenda: locate and steal a small, innocuous book that contains information on the magical wrist rings that Mayra wears. And incidentally, that he wears, as well—but that’s yet another secret he’s keeping. With his brother captured by well-meaning Scholars, his Familiars guarding a promising young male Witch from his insane master—who has managed to turn himself into an owl—does he have time for an intriguing female who is hearing things? He’ll have to make time, because not only he is hearing them, too, Mayra just walked off with the book he’s been searching for. So much for his plan to swoop in, take what he needed and be on his way.
Mayra and Wolfe eventually join forces to investigate the destruction of villages and towns within the kingdom, by something vile enough to incinerate everything: buildings, forests, animals and people. But these invaders confuse the reevers and Wolfe. Why would the attackers leave valuable gold and jewels behind? Why slaughter people who were at least marketable as slaves? What do these savages want? Both of them—suspicious and wary of the other at first—soon realize that they are hearing and feeling the same presence, which they gradually realize is a dragon.
Dragons? Mayra and Wolfe set out to find the magnificent creatures and determine if they are truly guilty of the destruction being laid at their talons. But the ancient, long-forgotten creatures quickly become perfect scapegoats for the king, who denounces and vilifies them as the cause of present-day horrors. He wants to hunt them down, but his motive is poles apart—the cunning king is certain he can force them to help him conquer the world if only he can figure out how to control them.
Further investigation uncovers further peril: someone very close to the group is spying and undermining their efforts to unmask their enemy. Who is the mastermind behind this unspeakable betrayal? But the question of whether the dragons are innocent pawns or vicious human-killers becomes moot. On a quiet, snowy morning, the dragons return, and they carry brutal, fire-wielding men who will not stop their attack until every last Witch is dead.

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