Eternal Soul (The Eternal Path Book 1)

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Kai Zhao Vin had once been the greatest spirit artist that had ever lived, a warrior unmatched in all the Clans. Until his world was invaded and his people killed. He was defeated and imprisoned, and then stripped of his power. Now, he was a mere shadow of what he had once been, but as long as he lived, he had a chance to regain his former power and avenge his fallen world.

Ashara Ravena was a daughter of a respected Amaranthine noble until her foolishness cost her family everything. Now, with her father dead and her family's fortune gone, she had only one choice, to leave her home and make a new life somewhere else. Far away from her past. But old powers have other plans in mind for her.

Kyarra Con Aroch is the Eternal Soul, the protector of the Kingdom of Tourran. Her soul bound long ago to the never-ending cycle of reincarnation by what all of her past lives considered their first life. And while each next life has no memory of the one that came before, every Eternal Soul is forced to abide by the deal their first life made, never being able to leave the city or disobey the royal family. To everyone outside of Tourran, Kyarra is someone to be feared, but the only thing she really wants is the freedom to make her own choices.

Three souls are brought together as the gods play games that threaten the fates of entire worlds.

For the fans of both eastern and western fantasy.

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