A-Z Monsters (not) For Bed: Rhymes for monster lovers of any age, anywhere (A-Z Rhymes for all ages Book 1)

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You think you know all about monsters? You don't!

Say 'How d'you do' to an aging ogre; a willful monster who doesn't do what it's told; a ghost who came to tea and put 'swashbuckling' into mealtimes; tricky Kleptomania who can't stop disappearing things (will she take the school?); a dragon; a gorgon with a conscience; a wheeling-dealing zombie and a hydra that wished it didn't come for dinner. These are only some of the monsters you'll meet, but watch out, there are others... you know the sort - disgusting, rude or emitting dangerous screams. A few are captured in here... but most of them are out there... living around you. You may even know one or two.

These funny and pacey monster rhymes will make you splutter and guffaw. They'll have you checking behind you, or wondering what it was you saw out of the corner of your eye or pondering the fate of poor old Quantum Querulous.

*For Kids age 8 to 80
*Story rhymes for adults, if the kids'll let them read
*Monsters ancient and modern, myths and legends come to life
*Includes at least one riddle, limerick and sonnet
*Kids can have fun reading them out loud, in home or in class
*Adults enjoy reading to kids who lap it up (best not lap up the Yeti Spaghetti though, nor what they serve you in Munch-You-Witchstew!)
*Short reads with good rhythm and rhyme make for growing enjoyment of the English language
*What have you got to lose but a laugh (or in the case of Justin the Giant... don't get in the way of what he loses!)
*26 rhymes for 26 letters. Just because they are alphabetical doesn't mean they're only for children. Deeper messages are afoot.

"Chucklesome gore from start to finish"

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