Desert Chimera (Stone Quest Book 1)

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Desert Chimera, the first book in the Stone Quest Series, introduces the reader to recluse, tracker, and reluctant twenty-eight year old psychic visionary Luke Stone and to his paranormal universe. Luke has been sequestered in the serene woods of Northern Michigan under the tutelage of Cherokee guide Shadow Wolf. When the shaman suddenly dies, Luke flees on a desperate cross-country quest that takes him to the heart of Death Valley.There, Luke is assaulted by terrifying visions of the apocalypse. While praying in agony for release, a shimmering specter arises from the sands to stand beside him. But this is not the one Luke has sought. Instead, this is the One from whom Luke had escaped seven long years ago, the black magician and his arch nemesis Armand Jacobi.

Torrential rains flood; rivers of mud flow. Luke is forsaken. But deep within the cacophony of the storm, Luke hears a voice calling. Following the call, Luke stumbles out of the wilderness and into Eppie Falco’s Desert Inn and Café.

Gathered here also seeking shelter from the storm are an array of fellow travelers. However, upon a clap of thunder and a burst of lightning, the café door swings open and Armand Jacobi, the charismatic black magician Luke had seen as the vision in the desert in the desert and the man from whom he had run now stands before him in the flesh.

Among the travelers whom Armand eventually takes hostage in his struggle with Luke is Consuelo Arroyo, a woman whose life Armand threatens, a woman with whom Luke is falling in love, something he'd never thought would be possible for him.

As Luke’s battle with Armand heightens, Luke is confronted with the full horrors of his past. The battle that rages will culminate in either Luke’s final destruction or his ultimate redemption.

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