Beyond Ever Blue Skies

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Morgan is a lecy-eng, one of an elite group that has responsibility for maintaining the vital systems of Rundkern. When a circuit in Agri-Prod is suspected of being responsible for a valuable crop’s sickening state, Morgan gets to discover more about the lowly agri-engs than he ever imagined.

His tale becomes one of intrigue, love and an unexpected but frankly unbelievable discovery. But before Morgan knows it, he’s committed himself to agri-eng Stephanie and her own people’s long-held hopes about a place that seems to him little more than a pie-in-the-sky dream.

Can there really be a “Promised Land”, and if so, will it ultimately snatch Stephanie from him? For the Promised Land is somewhere to which no lecy-eng can ever journey. But then, nor can Morgan be left behind alive in Rundkern knowing of its existence.

A gripping SF story from a master storyteller, author of the SF/Fantasy novels “Solem” and the six volumes of the “Realm of Dica” series: all “Beautifully written books with deep, rich and unexpected tales told so engrossingly well”.

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