Mother - A Single Parent

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Wilda, a single parent, lived in a small town with her son. She saw her husband’s dreams as her targets. She went beyond the chains to fulfill those dreams. Alex was four years old when she lost her husband in an accident. She always felt thankful to him regarding his ‘life insurance’ from which she got some money. Alex was only motivation she was left with; she called him soil of her eyes. It was enough for her to discover a small world to live in.
Though the story line follows Alex's life; where it was started and where it went, throughout the story, author KarmSavi M.S. Gill is as concerned with portraying Wilda’s vision of flourish; connecting Alex’s will with her husband’s dreams. Later, the story explores how Alex dealt with thrill and fear of not finding the way out to fulfill his dream.
But, there is always a story behind the story; why Wilda sold the flower shop and started working in kindergarten…

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