Victus: The Civilis Saga - Part 1

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Victus Antonius Claudian, sadist and rake seeks fame and fortune from his new mentor the Praetorian Commander and Ruler of Rome, Sejanus. With his only sister Porcia, he plans to alleviate himself in Rome’s society through a well-placed marriage.

The Civilis menfolk consist of a Senator, Lictus, his only son Artorius, Primus Pila of the 1st Century 1st Cohort of the 2nd Augusta Legion, and two grandsons Cassius andMarcus.

Fate or fortune brings Cassius and Porcia together with an inevitable consequence. On the same day as Victus is sent north by his mentor Sejanus to raise support amongst the Northern Legions for his cause, to become Caesar, he finds his sister is pregnant. In his search for the father of his sister’s child he takes revenge on him and is protected by his mentor.

The Civilis’ turn to Tiberius for justice, as does the senate against Sejanus’ rule. Sejanus is denounced by Tiberius, who demands that the Senate sentence Sejanus.

Victus’ world implodes. He has his fortune, but now he is a hunted man and the only way back out of his exile is to remove the Civilis family and friends.

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