Harsh Lessons (The Leeth Dossier Book 2)

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(A warning from the author:
As with the 1st book, there are a few very dark passages here: parts where I cried as I wrote them, and still cry when I read them - though for some, they're tears of joy. I should add, though, I find myself chuckling quite often, too: I believe there are more light moments than dark.)

Raised at the Institute for Paranormal Dysfunction to test Dr Alex Harmon's theories, Leeth's magic took everyone by surprise. And now, she and her abusive guardian have been taken by a covert government agency where Leeth is training to become their assassin.

But Leeth is both more dangerous than they know, and too innocent for her own good. Sent "back" to school to learn some much-needed social skills – under strict instructions not to kill – Leeth is singularly ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of a normal life.
She wants to belong, but has little idea how to fit in – let alone how mean girls can be.

Nor does she know that an uncanny and ruthless killer, the product of a madman's insane magic, hunts her.

Leeth has some harsh lessons to learn.

She'd better learn fast.

Length: 90,000 words (approximately 320 pages).


1) If you inform me of errors in this book before anyone else, and trust me with your email address, I'll send you a free electronic copy of the sequel as soon as it's ready.

2) I'll also send you a free electronic copy if you're one of the 1st 20 people to write a substantive review (say, at least 100 words) - good or bad, just so long as it's honest - and trust me with your email address.

Both lists appear at my blog All About Leeth.

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