Wild Thing (The Leeth Dossier Book 1)

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A warning from the author:
I still cry, reading some passages in this, though I also laugh at others, and at others, cheer. But this is not a light story, nor are the characters black and white. There are some very dark and abusive parts, though none graphic, in my opinion. Basically: be guided by the reviews, before buying this book.)

IN 2036, magic returned to a world which neither needed nor wanted it. Several years later, an unusual young child is acquired by Dr Alex Harmon for his magic research at the Institute for Paranormal Dysfunction. He sets Sara to hunting an imaginary creature, unaware it is both real and far more dangerous than anyone could know.

Sara, too, though, has her own hidden depths.

She'll need them.

At the Institute she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Godsson, one of the world's most powerful mages - and an inmate. But when Sara's unique magic finally unfolds, Dr Harmon discovers the deadly consequences of creating an archetypal Huntress. While from a place far beneath reality, where Godsson helped slay the Enemy of Mankind, some thing, or things, have come hunting. And their first targets are Godsson, and Sara.

Length: 134,000 words (approximately 460 pages).


1) If you inform me of errors in this book before anyone else, and trust me with your email address, I'll send you a free electronic copy of the sequel as soon as it's ready.

2) I will also send you a free electronic copy if you're one of the 1st 20 people to write a substantive review (say, at least 100 words) - good or bad, just so long as it's honest - and trust me with your email address.
Both lists appear at my All About Leeth blog.

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