Mine Forever: No me without you (Sexy M.F. Book 3)

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Vivienne has everything she could ever wish for, including the heart of her sexy, gorgeous, paramour. Max has proposed, vowing to fiercely love her for every moment of every day until forever. Against all odds and any hope, she's also pregnant with his babies.
Finding out that he's secretly planned a romantic wedding just completes her fairy-tale romance. Life just couldn't get any better than this...
But as the festivities of her best friend's wedding are in full swing up on deck, Vivienne soon realises to her horror, that Monica has returned to claim her prize!
Max is gone, taken by force and without a trace.
Having suffered the wrath of Monica more than once, Vivienne knows only too well how evil and twisted her heart really is. Vivienne must face the heart breaking possibility that Max could be lost to her forever.
But how could Monica have engineered Max's abduction with such stealth? She must have had help! If so, who can Vivienne trust? And what will Monica do with him?
Only moments ago Vivienne's future looked so bright and full of promise, but now it seems so empty and hopeless.
No me without you....
Max is the love of her life. He promised her forever and Vivienne won't rest until she finds him...even if it takes forever.

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