What War Had Wrought (Rise of the Empire Book 7)

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The Erasi and the Shara Daim are at war.

The Shara Daim Legions stopped the Erasi fleets from pushing further into their territory, and with the invasion halted a lull in the war gives the Empire time to seek a diplomatic solution on behalf of their new ally. But the Erasi are stalling the diplomatic talks, and the Shara Daim are not willing to wait for long before launching an offensive to take back their systems. The Erasi are master manipulators, and while they feign interest in a peaceful resolution, a massive force from their core is gathering, commanded by one of the founders of the Erasi.

Anessa, ruler of the Shara Daim, and Adrian, Lord Sentinel of the Empire, are forced to plan for a defense against a force that outnumbers them almost three to one. Hoping to stall the Erasi advance long enough for their advanced technology to make a difference.

What War Had Wrought is book 7 in the Rise of the Empire series, an epic story that follows humanity as it grows from a single world to ultimately becoming a galaxy wide empire.

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