Planning a Novel, Script or Memoir

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Creating a long story such as a novel requires a great deal of effort and creativity.
It is easy to get lost in the details and to lose focus on the main issues.
This book describes a process to plan your story project prior to writing the first draft. The purpose of the plan is to allow the author to concentrate on the important elements of the story such as character development, plots and scene design. Other sections in the book address story setting, character arc and emotional arc.
Charts depict how the emotional arc is used to develop tension in the reader leading up to the story’s climax.
A separate chapter describes how to use mind-maps to help develop and control the story project.
Written to keep your book on track, this guide provides proven methods to develop your project from inception to completion.
Whether you are writing a novel, a script, a play or a memoir, the building blocks are all the same. This guide breaks down the essential elements of a story and focuses on each individually. This is the road map you need to develop your story.

This innovative book contains a wealth of advice to keep your story project on track and focused on the important story elements.

The author has written ten fictional works and uses the process described in the book for every story he writes.

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