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Rustlers pushed a herd of Triangle Eight cows and horses through the broken fence. Dan Smithson tracked them til almost dark. He camped and planned to sleep until dawn, but he heard a strange sound. His colt ready in his left hand, he pushed the bushes to one side. A girl and a baby boy huddled there together in the dark, crying for their Pa, who was nowhere to be found.

Andre Devereaux paid well for his brother's daughter to be kidnapped and killed so he could inherit the family estate, but she was still alive, caring for the little boy Devereaux had recently made an orphan. It was time to find them and carry out his unfinished business.

Dan must recover the Eight's cattle and horses, and protect Anne Marie from her crazed uncle until he can return her safely to her father, a journey that will take him over rough land, with little for protection but his wits and his rifle.

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