Ants In Space (Kweezy Capolza Tales Book 1)

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Would you like an adventure on another planet?

This is just one of the questions Lara and her sister, Eva, must answer one sunny day in their garden. They wonder, how will they return to Earth in time for lunch? And how will they get there when the aliens' spaceship is so small?
When it's only big enough for ants!

But their help is needed on the planet Zeegrazzalo- Jeewoppza so off they go - into the unknown. Their feelings of helplessness only start to fade after a flight across the planet's Outerlands, in Kweezy Capolza's hummingcraft. Maybe, just maybe, the sisters can find some solutions to the aliens' problems. However, they think they might need their mother's help and she is back on Earth!

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