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Gerry’s scared stiff because he’s seen the future in a magic stone.

Something terrible’s going to happen in Ballyyahoo

But how can Gerry save the day when he’s all alone?

He’s running out of time because the wicked villain’s on the way.

You’ll love this wickedly funny adventure story from Ballyyahoo.

When you buy a Ballyyahoo book you get to visit the world of Ballyyahoo website directly from the eBook - all free!

The Ballyyahoo site is packed with stories, photographs, background information about the characters, animals, nature, and of course, the magic of Ballyyahoo.

When Gerry hears rumours that there might be a witch in Ballyyahoo, he doesn’t know if it’s really true. His mother says it’s just idle gossip but others say there really is a witch in Ballyyahoo. Who is a boy to believe?

Then one day, he sees something strange and shocking in one of the quiet lanes of Ballyyahoo. He finds a magic stone that can show the future on a tiny screen.
Gerry learns that a terrible crime is going to happen - soon!

It is not the type of crime that usually happens in Ballyyahoo - nothing to do with forgetting to put lights on your donkey, wearing odd socks, or picking hazelnuts in September.

No, this is a terrifying crime that starts with a big knife, a big burglar, and if Gerry doesn’t do something, it just might end in murder.
Gerry desperately tries to stop this crime from happening, but nobody believes in magic stones and nobody believes Gerry.

Desperate Gerry needs help – magic help. There’s only one person can save the day, but is there really a witch in Ballyyahoo?
The Witch of Ballyyahoo is a funny children’s fantasy and adventure book and is suitable for children reading alone, or as a fun read to be shared with family.

A genuine laugh-out-loud story.’

‘What I love most about these Ballyyahoo books is the characters, they’re all original and funny but Biddy the witch and her flying vacuum cleaner is by far my favourite.’

‘The funniest witch ever and a really great story – the kids love these Ballyyahoo books.’

‘I love the way Ballyyahoo is such a magical place – there’s always something going on and this story is just great.

‘The Witch of Ballyyahoo’ is a story that is very special to me. A lot of stories about witches have horrible and unpleasant witches who do wicked things and cast nasty spells. But I wanted to create a witch who is the opposite of that.
The Super-Hero of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

I wanted the witch of Ballyyahoo to save the day whenever she could. The witch of Ballyyahoo would be the super-hero of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

I wrote my witch to be a guardian of the town. She watches out for anything going wrong and any criminals that come along can watch out - she'll be sure to get them. Sometimes she needs a little bit of help and so she enjoys teaching the Ballyyahoo kids her tricks and magic so that they can continue her great traditions and assist her in the fight against crime in Ballyyahoo. I also made her funny and eccentric – her name is Biddy and she enjoys Zumba dancing and peanuts.

Biddy the crime-fighting witch has come a long way from the days of the broom stick because she uses a vacuum cleaner to fly from place to place and is also very fond of her very own special istone, a powerful tool which, if it fell into the wrong hands could spell disaster - Ballyyahoo would be more than just gone – Ballyyahoo would be a thousand shades of disappeared!

I hope you enjoy reading the Witch of Ballyyahoo as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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