Loreless: A Novel

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Are you ready for different kind of road trip?

Through bizarre circumstances, an Australian Aboriginal finds himself stranded in the outback and compelled to unearth both himself and his culture.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to get home.
Especially if home is not where you think it should be.

Aboriginal urbanite Billy doesn’t know much about his heritage and he’s quite content to let it stay that way.

One late night out changes all that.

When Billy, finds himself marooned on an outback highway, with only the stars and mosquitoes for company, he begins to regret trusting his friends with his well being.

Armed with a dogged desire to get home, and under the watchful eye of the mysterious supernatural entity Pidgin, he discovers the lore he never thought he’d lost.

Part quest, part ghost story and part contemporary fable, Loreless combines magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery.

This is one adventure story which will keep you guessing.

This dazzling account of an Aboriginal man coming to terms with his heritage, is a refreshing and convincing antidote to all the usual interpretations of this wonderful culture. It has a sweep and ambition that is rare.

Packaged in an adventure story rich with jewels of anecdotes and insight, Loreless is as enlightening as it as enthralling.

Beautiful, confrontational and ultimately uplifting, this is a story which is intimate and universal all at once.

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