2288 A.D.: Alternate Dimensions - A Time Travel Novel (The Ashlyn Chronicles - Book 2)

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NEW RELEASE - Includes 2 FREE Gifts!
2288 A.D. is the 2nd book of the #1 BEST SELLING, 'The Ashlyn Chronicles' series. The first novel 2287 A.D., is a Kindle ALL-STAR (TOP 100 AMAZON BOOK) that has SOLD over 100,000 copies in its first year.
As a thank you, you will RECEIVE (2) FREE 2288 A.D. COLLECTORS ITEMS: An HD copy of the cover featuring Ashlyn AND the original, more risque cover that Amazon wouldn't allow us to use - done by World Class Illustrator, Claudio Aboy. To get them, simply visit: 2287AD.com.
And while 2288 A.D. can be read as a stand alone novel, we strongly, repeat STRONGLY recommend you first read Book 1, 2287 A.D. It is where the characters are first introduced and there is much to be learned about the far reaching arc of the story line and why they make the choices they do.
*PLEASE NOTE: All books in the series contain sensual content and playful adult banter AND are set in 'alien uplift' version of creation. We recommend that people with strong religious beliefs or those that are offended by adult content between consenting adults should not buy this book.
Without wanting to give away spoilers...2288 A.D. starts where the first novel ends. It will take Ashlyn and Steven back in time almost 7,000 years. This is where the secret that Ashlyn holds, is revealed. It will lead them on an incredible journey of time travel through strange new worlds, against an evil darkness that threatens to erase their future and all mankind from existence.
Like 2287 A.D., ... 2288 A.D. is packed full of action and adventure. Personally, we hate a 3 page description of how a star-drive engine operates. We hope that you too will enjoy a story that moves quickly.
OUR THANKS TO: Zechariah Sitchin, the Ancient Aliens show on History Channel, Erich von Daniken, Richard C. Hoagland, Gerald Clark and George Noory. Thank you for brightening the darkness and providing us with the backdrop for our heroes.

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