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Book cover image for Earth and Beyond: A Space Adventure Origin Story
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Earth is at peace…then an alien infection changes everything.
An engineer creates a revolutionary engine to launch the world's hope for salvation into distant space.
A crew of Earth’s top talent face never-before-seen adversity as they search for a cure for humanity.

Earth had achieved a semi-utopia until aliens destroyed the peace. After a bizarre robot occupation leading to all-out war, humanity was left with a deadly alien pandemic. Their possible salvation lies in a team brought together to search for a solution beyond the stars.

An ambitious Ambassador heads up a mission to cure the medical crisis. A war hero Captain is at her side as they launch a dangerous deep space drive invented by a possibly unstable genius. The revolutionary ship carries mission specialists collected from around the world including an all-star surgeon pushed beyond Earthly skills, a security head with all-too deadly martial arts skills, and a scientist willing to risk it all for a solution.

As their journey into deep space begins, they encounter obstacles and battles of wills as they strive to survive the harsh and not-so empty space on the way to their distant goal. Together, the hand-picked team deals with technical problems, illness, personal issues, and secret elements of Earth’s warring bio-tech ideologies as they kick off their mission to save Earth.

Enhanced with hand drawn ship illustrations


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Book cover image for Wanted (The Chase Ryder Series Book 1)
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The award-winning creator and screenwriter of ground-breaking BBC television show, Spirit Warriors starring Jessica Henwick (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Games of Thrones) brings you an action packed thrill-ride in her debut novel which will engage and excite fans of Maximum Ride, Dean Koontz's Watchers and The Last of Us.

It's so easy to take things for granted. Take, for example, trees.

Oaks provide shade and plenty of foliage to protect against sudden showers and prying eyes, but there was also the added bonus of load-bearing lower branches that someone nimble could scramble onto should trouble come calling... and you should know, trouble had me on speed-dial.

Living on the streets wasn't a walk in the park, but it was still preferable to what I had to deal with at home, and after some eight months of being on my own, I'd gotten my routine down to a fine art - a morning dumpster dive followed by a dip in the Central Park pond - when one day I stumbled upon this mangy dog being attacked. It wasn't a big deal to help him, but then he ended up saving my life which is when I realized there was something special about him: Muttface wasn't a normal dog - he was crazy intelligent. I'm talking Mensa levels. And he wasn’t an accident either, having recently escaped from a mysterious lab.

We were just getting to know each other when things took a bloody turn. The vet, Sully, a troubled guy who had recently lost his wife to cancer, did what he could and I guess that would've been the end of our story if we hadn't been attacked by a gang of mercenaries who destroyed Sully's clinic and seemed intent on doing the same to us.

So now here we were, the three of us. On the run across the country against a seemingly all-powerful enemy. Who were they and what did they want with us?

Through the danger, terror, and pain, one thing was becoming clear to me: I had finally found the family I had always wanted and I would do anything to keep them safe - even if it meant risking my own life.

"The story masterfully combined various threads and powered along through to an explosive finale. This is sure to be a classic once more people hear of it. Amazed this is the author's first book." - Amazon Customer.

"I was loving it so much... Before I was even half way through this book I went back to this site to see if it listed a sequel... can hardly wait!" - Sheila LS, Amazon Reviewer

"It is a fast-paced and action-packed book with three very different but very sympathetic main characters who will in turn make you laugh, cry and really, really want a dog!" - AlbaR, Amazon Reviewer

"Bandit, Chase and Sully keep this amazing story moving at a fast and furious pace. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this hard to put down book." - JMP, Amazon Reviewer.

"Jo Ho’s screenwriting background is clearly evident in the pacing, which takes all of the time necessary to tell the story and describe the setting and characters but wastes no words doing so... I highly recommend it to anybody who’s a fan of YA or even just a fan of reading in general." - Amazon Customer.


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Book cover image for Guardians of Churchill's Secret Army: Men of the Intelligence Corps in the Special Operations Executive
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What if you have to survive undercover in a hostile land?
A single slip can lead to arrest, torture, execution. Who can be trusted? Discover what kept Churchill's secret saboteurs alive in occupied France, Holland or Thailand - or didn't!
'A fascinating and important study of a long-hidden corner of SOE history.' Dr Roderick Bailey, Pembroke College, Oxford, Advisor to BBC TV series ‘Secret Agent Selection: WW2’.
The men and women who served as agents of the World War 2 Special Operations Executive were courageous. But courage was not enough. They also needed to learn the caution and suspicion that might just keep them alive, deep undercover in enemy territory.
Guardians of Churchill's Secret Army tells the stories of the extraordinary men who taught them those skills and thought processes. They helped trainee agents learn how to seem innocuous while preparing resistance, subversion and sabotage. Each spoke several languages. Many became agents themselves and faced danger with great bravery; that’s part of their story too. All played a crucial role in the global effort to undermine the enemy.
We find them not only in the Baker Street Headquarters of SOE, but also in night parachute drops, in paramilitary training in the remotest depths of Scotland and in undercover agent training in isolated English country houses. We follow them to occupied France, to Malaya and Thailand under threat of Japanese invasion, to Italy and Germany as they play their part in the collapse of the Axis regimes. Their stories are inspiring.
If you like discovering the true stories that underpin the history of the Second World War, then you'll want to read this authentic book. Author of Setting the Med Ablaze, Dr Peter Dixon has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and four decades of military and peacebuilding experience. In the tradition of Antony Beevor and Ben Macintyre, he shines a spotlight on a crucial area of the Special Operations Executive.
Enjoy reading Guardians of Churchill's Secret Army and explore a little-known aspect of World War 2 history.


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Book cover image for Setting the Med Ablaze: Churchill's Secret North African Base
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It was Christmas 1942. Eleven young women braved the attentions of Nazi U-Boats in the deep Atlantic on their way to North Africa. About to play their part in defeating Hitler, they called themselves the First Eleven.
According to Winston Churchill, the Mediterranean was the key to defeating the Third Reich. And a crucial part of undermining Fascist power in Italy, France and the Mediterranean islands would be subversion and sabotage. But the undercover fighters needed a springboard to spearhead their operations in the ‘soft underbelly’ of Europe.
Those eleven young women joined heroic soldiers, sailors and secret agents at the Special Operations Executive’s new North African base. Code-named Massingham, it was hidden away among pine trees by a Mediterranean beach. SOE, America’s OSS and the French intelligence agencies worked together to undermine cruel regimes.
This is the remarkable story of Massingham. Its life was short. Less than two years after its formation, its multinational job was done. British, American, French, Italian, Spanish: together they played a key role in the Second World War.
Alongside the espionage of MI6 and the strategic deception of ‘A Force’, Massingham’s men and women launched covert operations at dead of night: by parachute, by submarine, by canoe easing silently on to a deserted beach. In the tradition of Antony Beevor and Ben Macintyre, this book reveals an aspect of WW2 history that has remained hidden for far too long.


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Book cover image for Innocent Thoughts
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Many words, concepts, and sentences seem obvious to us; it feels like we know what they mean, and we do not really stop to see if we do. Often once an actual effort is done and we try to put our "knowing" into words, we find things are not that simple.
Many times once an accurate definition is sought, the intricacies of concepts reveal themselves.
Many times when trying to explain an "understood" sentence, we find out it has some hidden folds, and we may have to define some of its parts better, or maybe we uncover another avenue of thought it provokes.
“Innocent Thoughts” discusses such instances and avenues, from world peace to the enigmas of consciousness and free will. Diving into these subjects, “Innocent Thoughts” tries to distill and present some of the current views about our universe.


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Book cover image for The Night Cometh: 20 Fantastical Short Stories
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The Night Cometh: 20 Fantastical Short Stories that will make you think about heaven, hell, life, death, and eternity. Stories include:

• Death stalks a man looking for answers
• A survivalist endures the tribulation
• Buckle up for a trip to hell
• Judgment in the court of heaven
• A man unwittingly sells his soul to the devil
• The New World Order takes over the world
• The United States eleven years into the future

The unsealing has begun.


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Book cover image for Positive Masculinity Now
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Positive Masculinity Now takes a deep dive into gender expectations, socialization, and messaging. Through this guide, you will discover different ways to create deep meaningful connections, free from masks and restrictive thinking. You will also learn the importance of breaking free from traditional gender models to create healthy relationships, careers, friendships, and self-images. Once practiced, these strategies will reinforce a fulfilling life full of growth, curiosity, and expansion in all of your interactions.

Understanding how the narrow molds of gender socialization have limited everyone is critical for people to be true to themselves and live responsibly in the world. Through conscious exploration, all can learn to make empowering decisions that create a more inclusive model of masculinity that supports communication, intimacy, and authenticity within.


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