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Book cover image for FBA - Building an Amazon Business - The Beginner's Guide: Why and How to Build a Profitable Business
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Beginner's Guide to creating your own business Selling on Amazon

Desire for Financial Freedom and the search for a better work life balance have driven most of us (including this author) to explore other sources of income.

This book walks you through the process of building a business on Amazon – a business that you can build almost anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet.

Something with the potential to replace your current income and allow you the freedom to work your own hours; buy goods in one country, have them shipped to another and sold on Amazon without having to touch the products, package them or ship them yourself.

Read this book to find out if “Fulfilled By Amazon” could be a business for you!


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Book cover image for A Beginner's Guide Profitable Stock Options Trading: Lessons I learned losing $100,000
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Stock Options and other derivatives are becoming more and more accessible.
Whereas some books provide only a simple introduction to Stock Options and others provide a more detailed framework for how to use Stock Options, this book provides both.
Lessons I learned losing $100,000 To Accelerate Your Trading Success is a collection of eighty consolidated learnings from over twelve years of derivative trading.
If you don’t want trade options daily you should still look at Stock Options as Insurance for your long term stock portfolio.
Inside this frank compilation you will find:
•An explanation of basic Call Options and Put Options in layman’s terms.
•An introduction to using Stock Options as insurance for your stock portfolio.
•Discussions and explanation of candlesticks bar charts and the display of financial information.
•A breakdown on liquidity and market makers.
•The benefits of trend trading and optimizing your profits during price movements.
•The importance of Psychology in profitable trading.
•Criteria for choosing the best Mentors and the training that suits you.
•Money management and capital preservation tools.
•Realistic focus on the time commitments and the opportunity costs of trading.
•Emphasis on the importance of your own written trading rules.
•Recognition that trading is a business and help in defining your own trading business plan.
•An introduction to more advanced Options trading strategies plus the use of strategic action plans to reduce your reaction times.


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Book cover image for Values: Not Just for the Office Wall Plaque - How Personal and Company Values Intersect
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Did Enron really live by its stated value of Integrity? Many companies have values enshrined on a plaque in a prominent location but do their values positively contribute to business success or undermine it?

We all have values, whether we know what they are or not. So, all companies have values, whether they are clearly and honestly articulated or not. Knowing and living by our values reduces conflict. Not living by our standards increases conflict, within ourselves, with others and between teams.

Based on practical experience, this fascinating book provides insight into the concepts of personal and company values, pitfalls of using them incorrectly, and the power they generate, when applied consistently. In particular, the book explores the need for executives and managers, of all company sizes, to be deeply aware of their own values, the impact their collective values have throughout the organisation, and how they can use values to create competitive advantage.


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Book cover image for P+P: Journey of a boy
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How Young generation cope with difficulties in accomplishing their goals.
George Stephenson noticed three texted papers while he was wandering on road. one of paper is printed with text P+P. He emphasized it? why do he so? Eventually, he became a famous Rock star after six months. what leads step back and step forward at any time? Stephenson's elder brother is a bobby, who is investigating a case; one of his colleague and other two people were brutally killed by someone in a house; having wound marks just like bite by a vampire. All people nearby vicinity saying it was doing a vampire; who sucks blood from people's neck. abruptly burglaries increased, missing cases come up. a complicated suspicious and mysterious case solved by a timid person by becoming a valor.
What is P+P?


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