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CONNECTED is a speculative fiction thriller with touches of science and philosophy, which reached No.1 in Amazon UK's Bestseller lists for both Thrillers and Science Fiction within 5 days of release.

Beginning with the funeral of a renowned classical violinist in a sleepy rural hamlet in the Lake District, a former theoretical physicist tries to make sense of his brother's suicide. Across the country, a university student, enjoying the unexpected attentions of an enigmatic seductress, is disturbed when his best friend falls to his death from the thirteenth floor of a neighbouring campus tower block.

As each tries to unravel the mystery behind the apparent suicides, they are drawn into an obsessive search for a computer-generated fractal video sequence, with startling effects on human consciousness, and which might just pave the way for discovery of the ultimate Theory of Everything.

However, they are not the only ones to have seen the potential of this mind-altering video, and soon find themselves in a desperate race against time with gangsters from the shadowy worlds of sex, drugs, cyber-crime, and massively multi-player on-line gaming.


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A lot has been written about the mind and developing mental strength for greater success. However, the modern-day challenges drain away your energy. Developing a healthy mindset entails consistent practice over prolonged periods. It requires a sense of practicality and discipline that is all too often forgotten and neglected.

If you seriously commit to developing your mindset so that you can focus on what you want over the long-term, then the results will be life-changing. To do so, you will need to learn to rely on yourself.

As the great philosopher, J. Krishnamurti stated, “A theory based on another man’s experience in matters of the psyche or of an inward life has no meaning at all…. You have to let it go because you have to stand alone.”

You must overcome the Paradox of Poverty amidst plenty. When you discover your inner riches, you can wholly manifest the dream of a perfect life. Wealth, riches, power, influence, vibrant health, freedom from disease and sickness, anything and everything is effortlessly possible only if you allow your brain to achieve the goals, relationships you desire in life, making even the impossible possible because you deserve the BEST.

You will be shocked to know that a part of your mind was working against you, wrecking your plans, and acting as an invisible obstacle to achieving your goal while sabotaging all your painstaking efforts.

Just as bookish knowledge of swimming does not make you a swimmer, it’s only by jumping into water that you learn to swim. Similarly, listening to lectures on brain health will not improve your brain health. Direct personal perceptions and effort are worthier than several hours of listening to second-hand knowledge.

However busy your life schedule maybe, if qualitative life is what you seek, then you should pay attention to your brain health, learn memory improvement techniques, learn new habits for brain and creativity, and work meticulously at Brain Reset. The time and energy you spend on this life-transforming activity bear tremendous benefits when done in the right spirit.

So, Get, Set, Go!!! Enjoy the amazing results, and live the reality of your dreams.
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Little Martians Learn to Count by Madi Preda encompass the skills required for preschool and kindergarten.The book is focused at achieving the children development through eye catching images.This book was designed to help parents and teachers plan the lessons in a funny way so children will be more inclined to do extra-curricular work in class or at home.In addition worksheets can be created in concordance with what children should learn in preschool and kindergarten, in order to attract and make it easy for kids to learn and achieve certain objective such as:

-count dots,shapes,objects

-represent numbers

-comparing groups,comparing in a chart, comparing in a mixed group



-left or right (which object is on the left/right) or left-middle-right

-above and below

-top and bottom


-which group has the same...

-which group has different shape


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