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The only novel to put you in the shoes of an exhibitor, teaching you about trade shows and providing practical solutions to boost your ROI The Trade Show Chronicles offers you all the tricks of a good exhibit strategy. Become a trade show expert while reading the story of Andrew, a young salesman organizing his company's booth at an exhibition. Learn about planning, budgeting, promotion, booth staffing, lead capture, results tracking and much more. Don't miss out on this great adventure! You won't get long checklists or theories - the Trade Show Chronicles is full of directly applicable tips and very concrete suggestions. Event management can be easy - learn while entertaining yourself. What trade show experts say about The Trade Show Chronicles: "If you want a different way to learn best practices for an exhibitor; planning, managing (tasks and people) and executing with efficiency, take a journey through a clever narrative that is packed with real-life situations, issues, and personalities. Enjoy and learn." Matthew Hill, President, Expert, Trainer| The Hill Group "The Trade Show Chronicles is a relatable guide that provides crucial information that will help even the most seasoned planner cultivate an impactful trade show program." Trevor Lewis, Experiential Marketing Strategist | Skyline "This is a complete masterpiece from A-Z for everyone who plans to exhibit. It is an amazing journey. You want to be an event pro? Then do not miss this book!" Rauno Ramo, Trade Show Business Consultant | Event & Exhibition Subcontractors World Wide


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Customer Experience Management in Modern Marketing is a dynamic approach to the co-creation of value....


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Have you ever looked at a product and thought “How come I didn’t think of that?!” Maybe you think, “I’m just not a creative person?" Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a method for coming up with big ideas—and you can learn that method to become more creative. With a little practice…

You will have the power to become more creative.

You can come up with the next game-changing idea to hit the market.

In this business and self-help creativity book, you’ll:

See how people produce ideas by examining the world around them.

Learn how to ask questions and recognize details about your observations.

Complete creativity exercises to get in the right mindset, rid yourself of stigmas, and brainstorm solutions.

See the importance of sharing your ideas and solutions.

Most importantly, you’ll understand how to analyze the feasibility of your ideas.

This book will guide you to become more innovative, excel at ideation, and make better decisions.

Your Next Big Idea is for aspiring entrepreneurs, small and large business leaders, as well as those with the desire to improve their problem-solving and creative skills.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur itching for the idea you want to move forward with, this book will help you find that idea.

If you’re a business leader, this book will help you and your team improve your problem-solving skills and find more creative solutions, increasing the effectiveness of knowledge management in your organization. Additionally, it will help guide your team through the decision-making process.

If you’re an individual looking to become more creative, this book will give you a creative mindset to attack problems and help you develop the skills to become a creative person.

Fueling You to Find: Your Next Big Idea

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About the author: Sam Sanders is an award-winning entrepreneur who has seen entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and ideation in action at a Fortune 500 company, an INC 5000 fastest-growing company, incubators, and companies he started himself. In this book, he takes the lessons he has learned from these vastly different worlds and combines them into an all-in-one book that will show you how to tackle problems and come up with game-changing ideas.


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