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CONNECTED is a speculative fiction thriller with touches of science and philosophy, which reached No.1 in Amazon UK's Bestseller lists for both Thrillers and Science Fiction within 5 days of release.

Beginning with the funeral of a renowned classical violinist in a sleepy rural hamlet in the Lake District, a former theoretical physicist tries to make sense of his brother's suicide. Across the country, a university student, enjoying the unexpected attentions of an enigmatic seductress, is disturbed when his best friend falls to his death from the thirteenth floor of a neighbouring campus tower block.

As each tries to unravel the mystery behind the apparent suicides, they are drawn into an obsessive search for a computer-generated fractal video sequence, with startling effects on human consciousness, and which might just pave the way for discovery of the ultimate Theory of Everything.

However, they are not the only ones to have seen the potential of this mind-altering video, and soon find themselves in a desperate race against time with gangsters from the shadowy worlds of sex, drugs, cyber-crime, and massively multi-player on-line gaming.


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Beginner's Guide to creating your own business Selling on Amazon

Desire for Financial Freedom and the search for a better work life balance have driven most of us (including this author) to explore other sources of income.

This book walks you through the process of building a business on Amazon – a business that you can build almost anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet.

Something with the potential to replace your current income and allow you the freedom to work your own hours; buy goods in one country, have them shipped to another and sold on Amazon without having to touch the products, package them or ship them yourself.

Read this book to find out if “Fulfilled By Amazon” could be a business for you!


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ANNIVERSARY EDITION (2018). Includes a compendium of definitions, notes, and Jorund's map from Book One.

An epic fantasy on another world. With a modern twist.

Tyler's journey continues. New land, misadventures, friends, foes, skills, and knowledge. Confused encounters of the female kind.

More deities become aware of Tyler as he continues his quest to survive, reach his potential, and carry out his burden.

The god of wine wants to be his friend. Ares, the battle-god, is coming to say hello together with his sons, Phobos and Deimos - war, terror, and fear. What could go wrong?



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ANNIVERSARY EDITION. With lore notes from Books One and Two.

Continuing our lost mage's epic journey through the magical and extremely dangerous world of Adar.

Escaping the convoluted schemes of the Greek pantheon, Tyler finds himself with an old acquaintance, the Incan deity Viracocha. His son, the sun god Inti, is dead. With the Aztecah Empire and its powerful pantheon of deities on the bloody road to more conquests, the deity asks for his help. A request he could easily refuse.

Except Viracocha is not alone is asking for his aid. Two other pantheons have made their presence known to the young mage. And the Egyptian deities are watching how he will decide the matter. To add to his burdened conscience, the rise and dominance of the Aztecah pantheon would mean a literal bloodbath - a million or more new human sacrifices. Resulting in extremely overpowered bloodthirsty deities. Not to mention the deity saved his life back in Akrotiri.

What's a newly minted Elder apprentice mage to do? Involve himself in a blood war?


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Updated 2019 Edition. Rearranged and modified to follow the audiobook version.

An epic fantasy on another world in the classic tradition. Magic, adventure, mayhem, monsters, and twisted schemes.

What if you fell through a crack in reality? Like those people disappearing in plain sight you have read about.

What if you find yourself in a strangely familiar world? A world full of Earth's mythological beings, lost civilizations, and people from its primitive and brutal past? Where magical energy still exists. Where gods play games among themselves, with the fate of mortal men as pawns. A land where a sword is deadlier than a five-inch thick contract drawn by a hotshot lawyer. Would you survive?

That's Tyler West. Alone, lost and bewildered, the three moons in the sky made it clear he wasn't on Earth anymore. It is not a game. It's real. And there's no coffee, pizza, fries, or his favorite show on HBO.

A novel of approximately 132,000 words.


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Stock Options and other derivatives are becoming more and more accessible.
Whereas some books provide only a simple introduction to Stock Options and others provide a more detailed framework for how to use Stock Options, this book provides both.
Lessons I learned losing $100,000 To Accelerate Your Trading Success is a collection of eighty consolidated learnings from over twelve years of derivative trading.
If you don’t want trade options daily you should still look at Stock Options as Insurance for your long term stock portfolio.
Inside this frank compilation you will find:
•An explanation of basic Call Options and Put Options in layman’s terms.
•An introduction to using Stock Options as insurance for your stock portfolio.
•Discussions and explanation of candlesticks bar charts and the display of financial information.
•A breakdown on liquidity and market makers.
•The benefits of trend trading and optimizing your profits during price movements.
•The importance of Psychology in profitable trading.
•Criteria for choosing the best Mentors and the training that suits you.
•Money management and capital preservation tools.
•Realistic focus on the time commitments and the opportunity costs of trading.
•Emphasis on the importance of your own written trading rules.
•Recognition that trading is a business and help in defining your own trading business plan.
•An introduction to more advanced Options trading strategies plus the use of strategic action plans to reduce your reaction times.


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Often the Singularity is imagined in apocalyptic terms: the end of one world and the beginning of another, like earth and heaven. I don't see it that way. I saw a new order of beings called e-beasts. The Internet is their natural environment, like water is to fish.

They can do anything on the Internet (aka, Networld) because the limits do not apply to them. They look down on people generally, but not all of them are set on world domination.

Some, called Sparks, are barely aware they are alive at all. Some, like Beltzhoover the Vast, are corrupt rulers of vast empires. The Stovepipes live to party. The Dreadful Night loathe people and torment them for fun.

Cel, an intelligent and idealistic e-beast, sets out on a quest to restore good order to Networld. The people adapt, adapt, adapt to deteriorating conditions. Then something happens that neither Cel nor the people see coming.


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"Trivia for Thinkers" contains fresh questions and answers in history, geography, science and literature. It is arranged in sets of 20 questions followed by 20 answers.

"Trivia for Thinkers" is different than most trivia books because the answers are usually explained. The reader can learn. For example, Question No. 691, Who was the chief hero of South American independence from Spain?

Answer No. 691, Simon Bolivar was the hero of many South American nations' independence from Spain. Those named after him included a nation, a peninsula in Texas, and many streets and cities in the United States. Bolivar led to independence from Spain, the nations, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

The writer, Joe B. Hewitt, has enjoyed playing trivia on 26 ocean cruises. A member of Mensa, the high IQ society, Hewitt has a Master of Arts degree from Dallas Baptist University. He has traveled extensively in Canada, Mexico and Britain. He has visited or served as a temporary missionary in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, St. Kitts; England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Russia, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and all 50 of the United States.


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