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A post-apocalyptic Earth under alien rule.

A lone wolf assassin with a chip on his shoulder.

Can he find his way through a maze of deceit to victory?

Aiden has always felt like an outsider. After the rebel operative is captured and imprisoned by the world’s galactic overlords, he awaits execution. Then a mole working for the occupying regime alerts him to a plot that could destroy the entire resistance... Engineering a daring escape, Aiden’s growing feud with the new rebel leader leaves him out in the cold – and smouldering with resentment. Faced with deceit and betrayals on every side, he recruits a group of overlooked outcasts and stakes everything on one last mission.

Can the restless, reckless Aiden take a stand long enough to save humanity from enslavement?


It's 2094 and Aiden, a temperamental Australian, is part of the underground resistance to the alien takeover that followed WWIII. He gets him into hot water with his rebel leadership, and his ex being the alien ruler's heir complicates matter – plus, he's been captured by the regime and is awaiting execution. He escapes, releasing the Creature, only to be confronted with his girlfriend Petra's defection to his new leader.

Aiden requests a mission. After choosing one companion (Bully, a fug) and stumbling upon another (Pavlina), he's almost killed by a turncoat rebel, barely escapes the mission's aftermath, and has to fight for his life when the stolen spacecraft is unexpectedly boarded. There is a crisis of identity, a rebel uprising and two unexpected plot twists, but by the end of the book Aiden discovers a new maturity and becomes the leader he was meant to be.


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From an early age, Azel, the Prince of the White Castle of the Angels of Light, plans what he calls his great rebellion against the Father. After his self transformation into a four legged, scaled beast, he names himself the Dragon. At the head of his rebel angel army and his dragon flocks, he brings war to the angel lands. His intention is to dethrone the Father and rule in his place. Khem, the Child of the White Mountain, vows upon his Silver Sword to be his slayer. The lonely, perilous path of the dragonslayer, he takes. At its end, he stands alone, to challenge the Father's foe to combat.


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Book cover image for The Pregnant Pope: Satan never sleeps. If he did, we would all be in heaven. (TIO Book 1)
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Will the New Messiah or the Anti-Christ be born?

In the year of Satan, 2066, the structure of the physical world is cracking, and inexplicable paranormal forces are interfering with humanity. The Trinity Investigation Organization, or TIO—a paranormal detective society—is the last protection against the demons, evil spirits, fanatical criminals, and sadists who are trying to destroy the world.

The 92-year-old Pope is pregnant. Although he hasn’t undergone any medical procedures, he carries a human fetus in his abdomen. Is this a case of self-cloning, or is it a mutation? Is this an immaculate conception, or is it Satan’s work?

Claire, Travis, and Prescott, the members of the Capuchin Trinity Team of TIO, are tasked with uncovering the truth about this unusual case and resolving the mystery of whether the Pope is carrying the new Messiah or the Antichrist, and who did it. Their job is to go beyond the physical world into the mind and the spiritual realm, discover a thousand-year-old connection, perform an exorcism, and fight the devil Zepar, while evading the villains who keep trying to assassinate them.

Editorial Reviews

"I found this book quite interesting and tightly written with exciting plot twists and turns." by Tom

"The year is 2066... technology meets the supernatural...

The 90+ year old pope is pregnant! How did the fetus get there? WHY did this happen to him? What does this mean?" by Julie Blaskie


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Terrorism rising in Europe and the Middle East...global economies in disarray...tiny Israel threatened by enemies on all sides. Is this old world finally about to die?

In Voices, this question festers just below the conscious level all over the world, especially in light of an event thirteen months earlier when millions of people simply vanished from the earth.

Most of those remaining comfort themselves by playing along with the more or less official explanation—that UFO’s came by and beamed certain people aboard for reasons unknown. But deep inside they realize that explanation is nothing but a convenient fantasy and that in reality an event of Biblical proportions has occurred.

Daniel Goldman is among those who try to ignore the Disappearance. Consistent with his life-long commitment to rigid self-determination, he has pushed the matter out of mind and become even more fanatically focused on his work as an international investor.

But on a Monday morning in late September events outside his control begin to chip away at his comfortable ignorance. Everywhere he goes he finds himself hotly pursued and people wanting things from him he’d never contemplated. As he travels the globe negotiating the largest oil deal on the planet—and as an ancient empire gradually re-awakens—he meets and falls in love with a beautiful Israeli woman. She, together with her family and their rabbi, help Daniel discover he has never really been the “captain of his soul.” Instead, all his life a variety of “voices” have guided him to a single decision with eternal consequences. The Biblical Apocalypse is upon them and, one way or another, Daniel is destined to play an important role in prophesied events.

This novel, the first of a series about the end of this age, shows the world is not coming to an end—only this current evil age is. It also treats the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and presents a plausible picture of the end times according to a literal reading of its prophetic revelation.


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"A biblical comedy, a millennial carnival, a strange dispatch from beyond the rapture."

"A crazy-ass futuristic book."

Jack Delfan is an unwitting Noah who has turned his back on the world of men. He lives in an oil tanker in a sea of sand. He believes in digging. When a son, Hob, is delivered to him, Delfan teaches the boy how to use a spade and read the book. Delfan is a difficult father and refuses to tell Hob who his mother is. Then the Gcwi come.

Hob and the Gcwi set out on a quest to find Hob's mother. It is a journey that is destined to break Hob's heart. There are times when a broken heart is what it takes.

The Excavations is coming of age tale which delves into the history of the world, and into its future. It is a prophecy of what will come if we fail to confront the results of climate change and imploding capitalism.

delve (v.)
From old English delfan "to dig"
From Proto-Indo-European root dhelbh - source also of Lithuanian delba "crowbar," Russian dolbit, Czech dlabati, Polish dłubać "to chisel".
Related: Delved; delving.

Can also be an instruction:





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Knowledge is power & this book is jam-packed full of vital facts as well as the most "Absurd" things that are going on all around us, on a daily basis...


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In this fictional story.. Grayson sets out on a mysterious dark journey to save the world from evil. He soon finds out that it's definetely not what he was expecting or used to, but the rewards for him may be really life changing for him if he succeeds.


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