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The Listen Inside Podcast - Book Discovery via iTunes!

12 Mar 2015

by Simon Denman


The Listen Inside Podcast - Book Discovery via iTunes As promised a week or so ago in my exploratory email to all authors, the "Listen Inside" podcast has now become a reality, extending our potential for book discovery to thousands more readers via iTunes.

Every day I'll be featuring a new book selected from those of our paid members (members who choose to keep their books listed following their 60-day free trial) who have expressed an interest and sent me an excerpt (just a few paragraphs) from one of their books.

For the foreseeable future, there is no additional charge for being featured in this podcast.

The podcast page can be reached at and can also be found under "Home" on the main menu.

Please share widely among all your contacts and of course subscribe through iTunes, if you have it installed.

It would also help enormously if you could leave a great review on iTunes for the podcast, since that will help to increase subscriptions and in turn, our book discovery.

If you use some other podcast app that accepts this valid RSS feed, then that should work too.

I am also looking at releasing a couple of smart phone apps in the near future, which should further extend the reach of this podcast and thus further increase book discovery for all of us.

As always, don't forget that as a logged in member, you can earn referral points by sharing any public page of this website with your friends.


M.D. Hall commented at 07:03 18 Mar 2015:

"Hi Simon,
Everyone who has listened to your podcast has been blown away by it ... they think you could make a living out of it.
Now you've given me a headache. To a man and woman they are so impressed by your rendering they have suggested I commission an audiobook ... thanks Simon."

Simon Denman commented at 05:03 20 Mar 2015:

"Thanks Martin!
And sorry for the headache :)
Let me know if you need any info about creating an audio book. I narrated my own and it was produced by Cherry Hill Publishing."

M.D. Hall commented at 06:03 20 Mar 2015:

"Actually, I could do with a push in the right direction. I could trawl the internet but there must be some well-respected readers out there.
One of my reviewers – who has heard me read – suggested I read it. My wife raised her eyebrows at the suggestion ... I was surprised – what with having a success record of 85% in criminal trials and persuading a Magistrates' court to grant bail for murder, as well as people thinking my trials were more entertaining than television (goodness knows what they must have been watching) – and thought my wife was a little harsh. Then again, I do carry a Geordie twang, so she might have a point."

Simon Denman commented at 03:04 23 Apr 2015:

"I would recommend doing it yourself. I blogged about my own experience of doing this here:"

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