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The Ultimate List of Book Promo Sites and Free Submission Tool

24 Jan 2015

by Simon Denman


List of Book Promo Sites Just before Christmas, I promised to publish a comprehensive list of book promo sites and some of you may now be wondering why it's taken so long.

Although I already had a fairly comprehensive list in Excel, which I could have just posted here, I wanted to go one better than that and create a fully interactive book promo submission tool.

In particular, I wanted to:

  • Classify each site according to the kind of criteria I myself find useful when planning a book promotion.

  • Provide a way to quickly sort the list based on these criteria.

  • Be able to create a configurable shortlist of sites that I can come back to each time I promote my book.

  • Have this shortlist also act as checklist so I can keep track of which sites I've already submitted to and keep a permanent record of these for future reference.

  • Store all the relevant details for each site in a database so I can easily keep them updated, as urls, pricing and other attributes inevitably change over time.

The result, which you can find on its own dedicated page here, (accessible under Questions? in the main menu), I hope you agree, has been worth the wait. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that this is now almost certainly the most comprehensive list of book promo sites and free submission tool anywhere on the web today.

Of course, although I've just recently tested the links and verified all the information to the best of my ability, there may still be a few errors in the data and possibly even a bug or two in the application software, so please test it out and share it as widely as you can.

Also remember that if you log in before sharing any public link on this website, you will automatically earn referral points each time someone registers, having first found us through one of your shared links.


J. Dylan Yates commented at 05:01 24 Jan 2015:

"This is the most fantastic tool! Thank you for putting this together and for your vision. Looking forward to sharing this with my network.
Hopefully they'll tell you I sent them! - J. Dylan Yates"

Simon Denman commented at 06:01 24 Jan 2015:

"Thanks, if you share the link manually but still want the referral points, you just need to add the refcode tag as explained on the referral points page linked to in the post,"

Christa Polkinhorn commented at 09:01 24 Jan 2015:

"Thanks, Simon, for this effort. Most helpful!"

Piper E McDermot commented at 12:01 26 Jan 2015:

"A very useful tool - one that I'm sure will save us endless hours of searching! Thank-you."

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